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The Value of the Negative

Wondering why you have open cows? It could be because of BVDV or Neospora

Empty, why?

Reproductive efficiency is vital to the productivity and viability of any dairy farm. If your in-calf rates remain below the benchmarks, if you have an increase in the number of empty cows or an increase in the number of pregnancies not making it to term you should work with your veterinarian to investigate. 

Maintaining fertility is paramount for any dairy producer with pregnancy a time of significant stress and demand on individual cows. A reduction in fertility of a herd can be an early indicator of the presence of infectious disease in the herd or of unmet nutritional requirements. Work with your vet to identify the cause of a drop in fertility and to formulate a solution.

Some key contributors to reproductive issues in the herd:


Infectious diseases:


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