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Alertys Ruminant Pregnancy Test

Through Lab Analysis

Earlier 28 day pregnancy testing done on a sample of blood. Speak to your vet about how this can be done.

When a cow becomes pregnant she produces pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs). These PAGs are only produced in the presence of a live embryo of fetus.

The Alertys Ruminant Pregnancy Test detects PAGs in serum and EDTA plasma as early as 28 days after breeding in cows with no interference from a previous pregnancy as early as 60 days after calving. 

How the test works


Blood Collection

Contact your veterinarian to come on your farm and collect bloods


Lab Testing

Your vet will send the lab samples to the IDEXX Lab to be tested for pregnancy





Results will be sent to your vet approximately 5 days later for him to send to you

Results on pregnancy as early as 28 days post conception allows you to make earlier management decisions.

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