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Alertys PAGs Testing

Traditional pregnancy check methods whilst accurate and reliable are messy, time consuming and cause stress for your cows. That stress, as well as the time off feed, impacts milk production and ultimately productivity. 

There is another, much easier way to check on your cows pregnancy status using milk or blood samples. If you are already herd testing the milk samples you provide they can also be used to pregnancy check cows. Blood samples can also be used to run pregnancy testing through your veterinarian and can easily be added onto infectious disease tests. These tests provide the means to easily run additional pregnancy checks later in gestation after the initial vet pregnancy diagnosis.

The Alertys Pregnancy Tests uses the detection of Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGS) expressed by the placenta to detect pregnancy from as early as 28 days. Click here for more information on how the test works.

Laboratory trials have shown the milk test to accurately identify 98.7% of pregnant cows (known as sensitivity) and to identify cows not pregnant accurately (known as specificity) 94.4% of the time. Click here for more information on the accuracy of the tests.

When used strategically the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test can be used to date pregnancies, tighten calving windows and make dry off decisions. For more information on strategic use of the Alertys Milk Pregnancy test please click here.