How accurate is the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test test?

The test is very accurate! Laboratory trials have shown the test to accurately identify 98.7% of pregnant cows (known as sensitivity) and to identify cows not pregnant accurately (known as specificity) 94.4% of the time.

Trials in the real world have shown the test to be just as impressive. The Alertys Milk Pregnancy test has now been run hundreds of thousands of times across the globe. Across the ditch in Tasmania Dr. Ian Lewis has been conducting milk pregnancy tests since late 2014 and has run over 40,000 tests. Over 20,000 of those cows tested have now calved and the results compared with calving data. Ian’s results show the test accurately identified 98% of pregnant cows (sensitivity) and 97% of cows not pregnant (specificity).

Milk pregnancy test field accuracy.png

How accurate is the Alertys Ruminant Pregnancy Test test?

The Alertys Ruminant Pregnancy test has been shown to accurately identify 99.3% of pregnanct cows and 93.8% of cows not pregnant (specificity).

How does this compare with other methods of pregnancy detection?

This really depends on the skill of the operator, more skilled vets, and scanners will be more accurate. To give you an idea the table below summarises some key pointsΔ.

Other methods of pregnancy detection.png