BVD Testing Options

Individual antigen ELISA

The IDEXX antigen ELISA has been shown in a NZ trial to be the superior diagnostic tool for identifying PIs in animals of any age when used on ear notch samples. Used with ear notches: a positive result indicates a PI. Use with serum samples: a positive result should be confirmed by a second test 7-14 days later to confirm the PI. Click here to find about more about the IDEXX Antigen ELISA.


Bulk milk screening

An easy, non-invasive, cost effective way to monitor BVD management efforts. It can be an early indicator of a problem before clinical signs or symptoms can be seen. Refer to our Farm Framework for recommendations on using these tests.

Point-Of-Care test

A lateral flow device which can be run in 30 minutes, very useful for screening individual animals with a quick turnaround. A positive result indicates a PI. However, this should be confirmed by a second test 7-14 days later. Click here to find out more about the Point-Of-Care test available from IDEXX

Individual PCR testing

The most sensitive and specific method of identifying BVD infection. However, it does not differentiate between transient and persistently infected animals. A PCR positive animal should be quarantined and re-tested 2 weeks later. In order to identify only PI’s the superior test is the IDEXX Antigen ELISA.